My List

I love to do lists. So why not create one for my whole life?? This is a very ambitious list, but I’m hopeful that I will accomplish everything at some point in my life. This is totally inspired by Mostly Morgan & Jessica Slaughter.

Dream big, little one.


Get a passport.

Visit all 50 states. (14/50)

Travel to Greece.

Travel to France.

Travel to the United Kingdom.

Go on a cruise.


Complete Spanish DuoLingo.

Become fluent in Spanish.

Learn to play an instrument.

Learn to code.

Learn to use a film camera.


Graduate from college.

Live on my own.

Get married.

Be a mom.

Build my own house.

Own a lake house.

Live in a different state.


Run a 5k.

Attend fitness classes regularly.

Eliminate processed food for a week.


Cook a holiday dinner.

Cook my own meals for one week.

Go Meatless Mondays for one month.


Land an internship.

Get a job after graduation.


Start investing.


Get 1000 page views in one month.

Make money off of my blog.

Get 1000 followers on Instagram.

Get 1000 followers on Pinterest.

Last updated: December 2017.